Cylinder Inventory

Cylinder Inventory

We understand that having inventory on the shelf and ready to ship is the fastest way to fulfill a replacement hydraulic cylinder requirement.

With investment in hundreds of hydraulic cylinder replacement line items on the shelf, our customers know that they are working with a company which is committed to demolishing downtime and finding solutions for their specific hydraulic cylinder requirements.

In addition to the inventory on our shelves, we have access to numerous stocking warehouses throughout the country to better serve you and get you what you need as fast as possible, no matter where you’re located.

Build to Order / Product Development

Build to Order / Product Development

Our product development team works with customers in developing and providing replacement hydraulic cylinders which are not readily available and need to be manufactured on a custom basis.

We’re always looking for different industries that are in need of a better hydraulic cylinder solution than what is readily available through the existing Equipment Manufacturer dealership network.

There are a wide range of products in the cylinder industry and having a specialist working on behalf of the customer is very important. With our years of experience, our business is positioned to provide prompt service, value and long lasting customer relationships.

We work toward getting you better products and better service without a higher price.

Export Fulfillment

Export Fulfillment

Hydraulic Cylinders Inc. technical sales personnel have the knowledge and capability to fulfill export bid requirements for hydraulic cylinder purchases.

Years of experience ensures an understanding in how to get you what you want, in the manner that you need it while meeting your municipal and international regulations.

Let us have the opportunity to show you the Hydraulic Cylinders Inc. advantage by calling us today for more information on our exporting capabilities with hydraulic cylinders, and component parts.


Hydraulic Cylinders Inc. technical sales personnel have the knowledge and capability to fulfill your municipal requirements for hydraulic cylinder purchases. We offer one of the best combinations of municipality hydraulic cylinders and component parts, all American made, and most in stock and ready to ship.

Struggling with parts for aging equipment? Hydraulic Cylinders Inc.has an industry-leading database containing thousands of prints of detailed hydraulic cylinder specifications that helps us provide a solution to you. After identification, we will likely have your requirements on the shelf and ready to ship.

If you have specialty requirements, our product development team will design, and manufacture your hydraulic cylinders on a custom basis.