The Mighty Tankholder


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Are you frustrated by all the oil that flows out while working on hydraulic and lubrication systems? The patent-pendingMighty Tankholder SSis the first and only tool specifically designed to prevent and limit fluid loss during service and maintenance work.


Hydraulic Fluid Vacuum guide Service, maintenance, and assembly work on:

  • Industrial & mobile hydraulic systems.
  • Lubrication systems.
  • Other fluid systems.

Use to prevent drainage during:

  • Replacement of hoses, fittings, or adapters
  • Replacement of components for repair, including; pumps, motors, & valves
  • Removal of parts or components, including; spools cartridges and plugs
In a hydraulic system, there are many pathways back to the reservoir. A few examples are shown in the diagram above: pump suction line, motor case drain line, and valve return line. When these pathways are disconnected for service work, fluid in the reservoir often drains out due to gravity. If theMighty Tankholder SS使用,it creates a vacuum force that holds the liquid in the tank and prevents drainage.

Simple to use!

  1. Remove the breather cap from the reservoir, connect the proper adapter, then connect the hose of the Mighty Tankholder SS to the adapter.
  2. Connect compressed air (80 psi, 6.5CFM recommend) to the Mighty Tankholder SS. The gauge will show the vacuum pressure rise and stabilize.
  3. Proceed with service work. (before resuming normal system operation, reverse the process.)