Preventative Maintenance for Your Hydraulic Cylinders

rebuilding, lubricating, hydraulic, cylinder To protect your hydraulic cylinders for a long life performing at a high level, it is essential to incorporate preventative maintenance into your regular protocol. By establishing and following a strict maintenance calendar, you can create a safer work environment for operators while preventingpremature hydraulic cylinder failure.


Conducting regularmaintenance inspections of your hydraulic cylinderhelps you avoid costly breakdowns, plan for necessary repair or replacement costs, and ensure your equipment runs smoothly. Along with wiping down and cleaning your hydraulic cylinder before conducting maintenance, check for loose fittings, worn or damaged seals and hoses, or other issues that may require repair.

Properly Maintain Hydraulic Fluids

Since most hydraulic cylinder failures are a direct result of contamination, maintaining the cleanliness of hydraulic fluid is critical. One of the first lines of defense in控制液压液中的污染是为了使粒子更难进入系统,同时删除已经存在的任何粒子。维持清洁液压液的几种方法包括但不限于:

  • Installing, inspecting, and maintaining all component seals
  • Upgrading filters to capture smaller particles
  • 确保过滤器配备量规或开关以指示堵塞
  • 收集瓶子样品要发送到当地实验室进行分析
  • Applying a portable particle counter to monitor contamination levels.




Another cause of hydraulic cylinder failure comes from high oil temperatures. High-temperature oil can lead to anoverheated hydraulic system,导致完整的系统故障。这些高温可能是由冷却器的通风口堵塞,浮雕阀固定得太低,使用不正确的液体粘度或高泄漏的泵漏出外壳排水管的引起的。定期的气缸维护可以帮助您在日常操作受到影响之前识别和维修或清洁这些组件。


Cylinder rods are one of the most important components within a hydraulic cylinder. When rods are bent, the resulting load shift can impair cylinder operations and lead tocylinder drift, equipment malfunctions, and cylinder failure. By conducting preventative maintenance checks, you can quickly locate and replace any bent rods.

Rods can also become rough when a surface rubs against the cylinder, causing friction within the machine. Friction will increase the amount of power and hydraulic fluid demanded by your cylinder. As a part of your preventative hydraulic cylinder maintenance protocol, ensure all rods are cleaned, polished, and finished to operate as intended.

Maintain Your Hydraulic Cylinder with Replacement Parts Built to Last

By following good preventative maintenance procedures to keep the machine full of clean fluid at the proper temperature and equipped with functioning components, your hydraulic cylinders will provide years of reliable service, and the rest of your hydraulic system will thank you as well! However, no matter how diligently you clean your cylinders or maintain your equipment, cylinders and components may eventually need to be replaced or upgraded.

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